About Blistex

Original Blistex Lip Ointment with proprietary oil emulsion process

The Original Cold-Sore Ointment

Blistex was born during the 1930’s in Seattle Washington, part of the wintry and rugged northwestern portion of the United States. The brand was originally a single product that was an ointment developed by a pharmacist. In the early part of the 20th century in the USA, it was not unusual for pharmacists to concoct their own products, especially for non-prescription items such as miscellaneous healing remedies and cosmetics.

First national advertisement in LIFE magazine -1948

The original ointment formula proved remarkably effective for helping to treat cold sores, a viral condition that primarily affects the skin on and around the lips. The ointment also proved to be effective for other lip issues such as dryness and cracking of the lips. Following development of the product, the “Blistex” name was trademarked in 1939.

The Leading Manufacturer of Lip Creams

For nearly two decades Blistex was one product, with the team focused on the continuous improvement of the proprietary water and oil emulsion process for the lip ointment. This expertise has been perpetuated with the company, and Blistex is still a leading manufacturer of lip creams and ointments throughout the globe.

Following the success of its ointment, Blistex began experimenting with other product forms and ingredients, and the company quickly established a reputation as a leading innovator in lip care. In the 1950s Blistex developed lip balm sticks with new benefits such as flavors for consumer variety and sunscreens for daily protection.

1985 Lip Medex Introduction

The Introduction of Jar Products

Jar products followed, which contained formulations that offered consumers a softer and thicker coating for exceptional relief and protection for sore and damaged lips.  In 1985 Blistex launched Lip Medex, and the product quickly became a top lip care selling item in both the USA and Canada, with a loyal following that remains to this day. On an annual basis, our in-house production totals well over 100 million units. Our team of quality professionals provides rigorous oversight of incoming materials, manufacturing processes and finished goods to ensure that high standards are met.

Product improvements in sticks and jars highlight a tradition of consistent innovation by Blistex for our consumers lip care including:

2019 Lip Medex Global Edition Launch

Our Mission To Perfect Lip Care

Our research and development teams, located in Oak Brook, Illinois, are constantly working to perfect our entire portfolio to best serve the needs of our loyal consumers. Blistex will build on its heritage and continue to be the expert in lip care. To maintain this position of leadership, Blistex will continue formulating and marketing a full line of innovative, high quality lip care products with effective formulas, unique benefits and unparalleled sensory experiences to address diverse needs of our consumers across the globe. To this end, our job is never done!

Blistex Around the World

Our products are sold in over 80 countries and regions and we are a leading innovator in the lip care category.