Lip Quiz

Test Your Lip Knowledge!

Answer at least six of the following questions correctly to prove you know your lips. Most of the answers can be found elsewhere on this site.
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Which of the following is not a reason why lips are more prone to dryness than ordinary skin?
Lip skin has an extremely thin or absent outer layer, or stratum corneum
Lip skin does not have sweat or oil glands to provide moisture
Air currents from breathing and talking increase the rate of moisture loss from lip skin
Lip skin is almost always exposed to the elements

Which of the following do scientists believe to be addictive?
Using lip balm
Smoking tobacco
Visiting this web site

Products that protect against the sun's rays have an "SPF" rating. What does SPF stand for?
Synthetic Pigment Feature
Solar Prohibitive Force
Sun Protection Factor
Latin: Solare Puritus Fari

Why might your lips need protection from moisture loss when you are indoors?
70% of homes are poorly insulated, allowing wind to get in
Sun rays are intensified as they pass through common panes of window glass
Low humidity and heating system effects indoors during winter can dry lips
Airborne dust mites absorb free moisture in the atmosphere, leaving less for lips

Which of the following ingredients can slowdown or even help reverse the effects of aging in lip skin?
Lavender oil
Pomegranate oil

Which of the following is not known to trigger a cold sore/fever blister outbreak?
Colds or fevers
Bad breath
Sun exposure
Stress or emotional discomfort

What does the idiomatic phrase "stiff upper lip" mean?
To suppress all emotion or show stoic courage
To be haughty or arrogant in demeanor
To feel awkward or embarrassed when expressing emotion
The unfortunate consequence of choosing the wrong lip care product

As we age, which of the following is true about the skin on our lips?
It becomes tougher from cumulative exposure to the elements
It manufactures less collagen--which can lead to thinner more delicate lips
Its outer layer becomes thicker--leading to less potential for moisture loss
Like the ears & nose, it grows throughout life--leading to a plumper appearance

Which of the following can cause lip irritation?
Certain types of food
Cigarette smoke
All of the above

Which of the following conditions can develop on lip skin that is overexposed to the sun?
Premature aging
Skin cancer
All of the above