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Green Initiatives

Blistex has been committed throughout our 70-plus years to operating as a socially responsible company. On the sustainability front, while we have had a number of recycling and resource conservation programs in place for many years, in 2008 we took a hard look at our practices and those of other good companies, and it became clear that we could do more. As a result, we began a broad program to quickly identify and implement meaningful new changes to reduce our environmental impact. Toward this end, we created our Greenspeed Team, led by employees from a variety of functional areas who had already expressed an interest in driving this effort. In close collaboration with general management and the leaders of all groups in our organization, aggressive goals were set for Greenspeed, and we have rapidly executed a significant number of new initiatives since 2008 designed to improve our sustainability efforts along three primary fronts:

Click here for examples of new sustainability efforts in each of these areas that we've implemented in just the past few years.

We don't want to sound like we're patting ourselves on the back, because we clearly have additional room for improvement, which is why we have many more projects underway that can further advance our record of achievement in this arena over the years to come. Consistent with that perspective, we are committed to continuous progress on these issues, and toward that goal we are closely monitoring and testing emerging new technologies, materials, and best practices. We want the steps we've already taken to represent just the beginning of a new type of thinking at Blistex, which is why we have invested more in these initiatives than we will make back financially through cost savings, and why we continue to keep Greenspeed project support high on our priority list.