Lip Tips

Tip 1:

Use Lip Care Daily. Use a lip care product as part of a daily regimen to moisturize your lips and maintain their healthy condition.
A lip conditioning treatment, such as Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner, containing the natural moisturizers olive oil, grape seed oil and cocoa butter, is an effective combination. For penetrating moisture to soothe and relieve very dry, irritated lips try Blistex Lip Relief Cream. Daily care for lips helps maintain a smooth feel and appearance.

Tip 2:

Use Lip Care Before Exposure to Dry Environment.
Whenever you are exposed to especially drying conditions, whether due to harsh outdoor elements or a dry indoor environment, use a lip care product that seals in natural moisture and seals out the drying forces. Recommended products, like Blistex ProtectPlus and Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner combine a number of protectants to defend your lips effectively.

Tip 3:

Use Lip Care Before Exposure to Sun.
Any time of the year that you are exposed to the always harmful rays of the sun, use a product with an adequate SPF (Sun Protection Factor). Beyond the sun's well-known skin damage impact, exposure to the sun is also a trigger for cold sores/fever blisters for those who are susceptible. An SPF number indicates how many times longer a person can stay in the sun before beginning to burn. Try any of the Blistex products with sunscreen including Blistex Ultra SPF 50+.

Tip 4:

Comfort Very Dry or Already Irritated Lips with a Cooling Lip Care Product.
If dry or chapped lips have already developed, it is important to take care of them promptly. Lip care products like Blistex Lip Relief Cream or Blistex MedPlus contain cooling ingredients to help soothe irritated lips and hydrating ingredients to help restore lips’ moisture.

Tip 5:

Use Lip Care Under or Even Instead of Lipstick.
Use a lip care product like Blistex Classic Lip Protector or Blistex Lip Relief Cream, before applying lipstick. This helps color go on more evenly for a smoother look. Or, if you want a break from lipstick altogether, Blistex Lip Brilliance gives you a conditioning lip balm that also enhances your lips with subtle color and shimmer!